Filo Parcels with Jam and Cheese

I made Plum & Apple Jam last month and bought Cheshire cheese for Christmas; I was always planning to do something like this with the leftovers.

It’s not GF as I’ve used shop-bought filo pastry. These quick-to-make baked treats turned out just as I’d imagined: crunchy & gooey; the perfect marriage of salty-sweet.

Makes: 24 canapés


  • Chunky fruit jam, preserve, or chutney: a few tablespoons’ worth
  • 100g mild-flavoured white, crumbly cheese (eg. Cheshire, Caerphilly, Lancashire, Wensleydale)
  • 4 sheets filo pastry (480 x 255mm) – approx 150g
  • 50g melted butter


  • 2 baking trays
  • Greaseproof/parchment paper to line both trays
  • 2 clean tea towels, dampened
  • Clingfilm, or a 3rd clean/dampened tea towel
  • Pastry brush
  • Pizza roller (a sharp knife can substitute, but is much slower, and tends to tear the filo)


  1. Preheat oven to 190 C (170 C fan-assisted). Line the bottom of each baking tray with paper.
  2. Place 1 dampened tea towel on the counter. Lay out the filo sheets onto the towel, then cover with the 2nd dampened tea towel. Place a rectangle of clingfilm (or another towel) on the counter for you to work on, to protect your worksurface from the slicing.
  3. Take 1 filo sheet and slice it 6x3 (approx 3″/8cm squares). Very lightly brush with melted butter to help the squares stick together. Arrange 6 stacks, 3 squares of filo per stack, with the corners off-set.
  4. Crumble 2 tsp cheese and daub 1 tsp jam in the centre of each stack. Pull/twist up the corners into a parcel shape, squeezing together to seal, and set on a prepared baking tray. Brush the scrunched top lightly with melted butter.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for the remaining filo sheets.
  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden brown and crispy (turn trays halfway through for even baking). Leave to cool on the trays until ready to serve.

Size Options
Your filo pastry may be different dimensions in which case, just make squares approx 3-3.5″ from what you have. Canapés are meant to be one-bite-sized, but of course you can always make these larger if you like – just increase the filling amount, and baking time. (I made parcels from 4.5″ squares and they took 20 minutes to crisp up properly.)

Fruit Options
You can try pear, mango, cherry, blackberry or really anything you prefer. Taste-test your jam with your chosen cheese on a bland biscuit to ensure the flavours work together. I most recently made this with peach & apricot jam and Caerphilly cheese which was also well-received.


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