This site was created so I could share my recipes with those who’ve tried the results and wanted to make what they tasted themselves. So, it’s not a ‘Lifestyle Blog’, it’s not a commercial enterprise, and the photos are absolute pants – it’s frankly amazing my old-school Nokia can even take pictures, much less with that horrid scratch on the lens.

I’ve dreamt up or adapted all of these recipes. Where adapted, the source is fully attributed.

I don’t need gluten-free myself, but I do a weekly charity bake for a crowd which includes coeliacs, hence the emphasis on GF baking recipes. Most of my GF recipes can be made ‘ordinary’ by substituting regular flour, but the amount will change. If you have questions about altering a particular recipe, leave a comment and I’ll respond.

You’re welcome to use any recipe here. My only request is that you let me know how it went for you – and ideally, let me taste the results, too. 🙂

The Notes on Recipe Instructions menu item above has general info on making all of my recipes.

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