Chickpea Curry

This is an excellent vegetarian/vegan side dish, not too spicy, and also makes a perfect accompaniment for my Sylheti Chicken Curry. If making for a main dish, add more veg as you prefer (see Footnote).

The Curry Guy (p127) is the inspiration, but of course I have my own twists, based on what I had to hand.

Serves: 4
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Flatbreads II – Lamb and Raita Wraps

My basic flatbreads recipe produces very crispy, cracker-like flatbreads which are fabulous to scoop up dips, spicy chutneys, or the like.

This variation uses yoghurt which makes softer breads. They can be used like burritos for my Mexican Beef recipe or as here, filled with lamb, or really any filling of your choice (see footnote).

Serves: 4 -6
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Duck Breast with Plum Compote

I’ve jazzed up ordinary duck breast with a plum & clementine compote, a fresh salad with a zingy dressing, and a crispy ginger garnish.

To make this a ’30 Minute Meal’, you could start the compote off, then immediately start frying the duck. The compote will be ready by the time the duck is rested and ready to slice.

Serves: 2
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Mexican Beef Skewers

Although we Brits think of chocolate as sweet, in Central America it was originally a savoury ingredient, combined with cinnamon and chilli, and not including sugar. Mexico’s molé sauce is a good example of this.

Although molé is usually used with chicken, here I’ve used beef for an equally tasty result. See the footnotes for serving ideas.

Makes: 10 skewers
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I shied away from making home-made pasta because I thought “that’s too hard”. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever made (and I made flatbreads!). Add the sauce of your choice and you’ll have a quick, easy, and delicious meal.

I usually just press it with my hands (no rolling pin required) to make it flat enough to go into the largest machine roller setting.

Serves: 2
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Thai-style Scallop Salad

This is from The Hairy Bikers, but I used more easily-sourced ingredients. Thai food’s glory is the perfect balance of sweet, salty, bitter, hot, and sour – which is a good rule of thumb for most savoury recipes, by the way.

I’ve changed their baby squid into scallops, which can be found in most British supermarkets. (See the footnotes for cheaper, & vegan, options.)

Serves: 4 as a starter or 2 as main portion
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‘Tab-oo-LAY’? ‘Tab-BOOL-lee’? Try this bulgur wheat salad which is a staple of Middle Eastern cooking. It’s vegan if you use plain water or vegetable stock.

There isn’t a single recipe for tabbouleh, but this is the one I love. Bulgur wheat is low on the glycaemic index – so, you’ll feel full sooner and for longer; with fruits, nuts and herbs you have a delicious and complete meal or side dish.

Serves: 4 – 6 as a main dish, 8 as accompaniment
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