Vinarterta (Icelandic 7-Layer Cake)

This is something quite different, and allows you oodles of scope for flavours if you don’t like cardamom/prunes (see Footnotes). I’ve made it GF for my usual tasting crowd.

Meadow Brown Bakery has a comprehensive video which I recommend you watch to see the creation/construction in more detail. It does need storing for a few days before serving.

Serves: 16
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Tahini Fudge (Maltese Helwa Tat-Tork)

Food Blogger Casa Costello posted a recipe just after I’d randomly bought a jar of tahini. I found tahini in a small-town supermarket, so you should find it easily, too. This fudge is dairy-free.

Sesame seeds are naturally gluten-free; but do check your tahini’s label to ensure the factory and/or seeds are not contaminated by gluten products if making for coeliacs.

Makes: 20-30 depending on size
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Knerken (Cardamom Biscuits)

Luisa Weiss’s Classic German Baking is still giving me wonderful baking ideas –  today’s recipe is a crispy shortbread-style biscuit. Cardamom is far less prevalent in German baking than Scandinavian, except for the northernmost parts; I’ve added my own twists and made it GF.

The dough should be made in advance and stored in the fridge until ready for baking.

Makes: around 30 biscuits depending on size
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Gooseberry Fool Canapés

Gooseberries are ‘the other summertime fruit’ (strawberries being the British number one). I love one-bite-sized canapés to serve a crowd, and this gluten-free recipe softens the natural sharpness of gooseberries with spices and caramel.

This is the classic British fool: a gooey, sharp-sweet, perfectly-balanced treat (the pix are horrorshow; everyone loved the taste).

Makes: 36 canapé-sized tartlettes (see Kit footnotes for larger sizes)
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