Spiced Fruit Bread – Gluten-Free

This is the GF version of my Greek Easter bread recipe. After a bit of practice, I realised that extra-fine sponge flour is almost exactly the same in texture/weight as shop-bought GF flour (which is usually rice flour with potato & tapioca starch).

It works best with self-raising GF flour. Pictured results used mixed dried fruit with citrus peel – it tastes just like hot cross buns.

Makes: One loaf
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Peach Coffee Cake

As per my Blueberry Coffee Cake‘s notes, a North American ‘coffee cake’ doesn’t contain coffee, but is meant to be eaten whilst drinking a cuppa joe. They come in all shapes & types, and commonly use cream cheese/fruit.

Here it’s a jelly-roll style GF yeasted bread. Start the night before for a first rise in the fridge, and to drain the peaches.

Serves: up to 24 (but it’s easily halved)
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Iced Buns with Spice and Citrus

This is a British classic which was prompted by Baked To Imperfection. I’ve made her recipe gluten-free and added spices (I just can’t help myself). The usual optional alternatives for flavourings/colours are in the footnotes.

If you need fewer buns, please do reduce the ingredients proportionally (but these are 1-2 bite sized as-is).

Makes: 24-32 buns depending on size
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Flatbreads II – Lamb and Raita Wraps

My basic flatbreads recipe produces very crispy, cracker-like flatbreads which are fabulous to scoop up dips, spicy chutneys, or the like.

This variation uses yoghurt which makes softer breads. They can be used like burritos for my Mexican Beef recipe or as here, filled with lamb, or really any filling of your choice (see footnote).

Serves: 4 -6
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Unleavened bread is so easy to make, takes no time at all, and you can let your imagination run riot on herbs and spices.

This recipe makes quite crispy flatbreads, which are perfect for breaking up and using to scoop up dips, chutneys / marmalades, or the like. If you want a softer, more pliable bread to use with fillings, see my Flatbreads II recipe.

Makes: 5 large, crispy flatbreads
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Zucchini Bread

This is an American staple, not appreciated – yet! – in Britain. ‘Yuck, veg in bread?’ I hear you cry; but c’mon, you love carrot cake, right? This is a ‘quick bread’ (sweet & non-yeasted) just like banana bread – the variation is in the footnote.

Kudos to my 1980s vintage Good Housekeeping Cookbook for the inspiration, although this is my personal version. It’s not GF, but it is dairy-free.

Makes: One loaf
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