White Chocolate Truffles with Ginger, Lime and Coconut

Sometimes you have an excess of white chocolate, and a cheesecake, other cake, or cupcakes aren’t quite right for the occasion.

The fab Kate’s Veggie Desserts advertised these on Twitter. I’ve scaled it up & modified the ingredients slightly – you’ll have a creamy, tropical delight.

And you’ll have made truffles! 🙂

Makes: 30-40 truffles depending on size
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Alternative Mince Pies

When I asked Twitter for alternatives to traditional mince pies for the holidays, Kali Stacey forwarded me this recipe (interesting history here on this Scottish treat).

Because I had plums & raisins hanging about, I used them – but you could use currants/dried mixed fruit as you prefer. You need to start the night before serving.

Makes: 24 (+ extra – see Footnote)
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‘Sunshine’ Curd Tartlettes

In cold, damp, dark November, we all crave a treat bursting with citrus flavours to remind us of summer. These GF tartlettes have lemon, lime, and orange so will really lift your spirits.

The filling is adapted from BBC Good Food. There are multiple garnish suggestions in the footnote so you can unleash your creativity.

Makes: 30 canapé-sized tartlettes
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Coffee Mousse in Walnut Cups

Coffee and walnut are a tried-and-tested flavour combination. I substituted walnuts for the pecans in my standard GF and DF nut crust (see last footnote), and filled it with a creamy coffee mousse to make these delicious little gluten-free treats.

The filling is adapted from Karen Burns-Booth via Great British Chefs.

Makes: 30 canapé-sized treats (see footnote for alternate serving ideas)
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Stilton Tartlettes

I got the idea from Northumberland Cheese Company’s Blagdon Blue recipe but I wanted to make a gluten-free option. It’s an easy recipe with minimal ingredients, but very tasty results.

Any cheese that melts is perfect, and you can substitute spinach or any other green vegetable you prefer (see footnote).

Makes: 24 canapé-sized tartlettes
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Sweet Potato Fries

This isn’t a recipe so much, as an idea for you to do something different with sweet potatoes. One single sweet potato can create enough fries to serve an entire party as nibbles.

The herbs and spices are up to you – I’ve used my fave Szechuan pepper with salt, sumac, & dried thyme – but use any seasoning you prefer (see footnote).

Makes: enough canapés for a crowd
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