Dark Chocolate and Cherry Canapés

This GF orange-tinged sweet shortcrust pastry enhances the cream, dark chocolate, and cherry flavours. This is truly a ‘wow’ dessert or tea break treat.

I wanted to make something fancy, and my 24-hole canapé tin proved its worth. The tasters wanted more (always a good result!)

Makes: 48 canapé-sized tartlettes (see Kit footnote for larger sizes)
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Cherry and Almond Loaf

I developed this recipe because I wanted a sweet, non-yeasted (known in the US as ‘quick’) bread – perfect for a mid-morning tea break.

This is a dead easy GF loaf to make, combining two ingredients made for each other. I got the hankering for this when cherries were out-of-season, so as in my other recipe, this assumes frozen, not fresh (see footnote).

Makes: One loaf
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Coconut and Cherry Cheesecake

White chocolate, coconut, cherry, and nutmeg – what’s not to like? They’re a tried-n-tested combination which works fantastically well. This was a creamily rich delight which continued my recent white chocolate theme nicely.

I like my baked cheesecakes, but this was mighty fine. The filling is best started the night before, to have time to chill.

Serves: 12 – 16
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Venison, Chocolate, and Cherry Stew

OK, so at my last 2 dinner parties I served stew; Indian-inspired goat before; this one is a classic deer, dark chocolate, red wine, and cherry concoction that made everyone happy. Stew really doesn’t photograph well, though, does it? 😦

I served a cherry, white chocolate, and coconut no-bake cheesecake for dessert, which was sympathetic in flavours to the main dish.

Serves: 4
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