Canine Peanut Butter Crunchies

Wanting another crunchy biscuit for dogs in my repertoire, I reviewed Dog Treat Kitchen’s recipe. However, several people told me their dogs can’t digest oats, so I substituted dried carrot. My recipe uses GF flour but you could use regular.

These are minimal fuss but definitely crunchy, peanutty, & delish (for both man and beast!).

Makes: 2-3 dozen cookies depending on size

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Löffelbiskuit – Ladyfingers

There’s definitely a German flavour to my bakes lately, with Luisa Weiss’s Classic German Baking providing so much insipiration.

Today I made Löffelbiskuit (p27), but added my own twists to create piped GF and DF cake-like biscuits with a hint of spice (see Spicing Footnote for other options).

Makes: 2-3 dozen biscuits depending on size

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Tahini Fudge (Maltese Helwa Tat-Tork)

Food Blogger Casa Costello posted a recipe just after I’d randomly bought a jar of tahini. I found tahini in a small-town supermarket, so you should find it easily, too. This fudge is dairy-free.

Sesame seeds are naturally gluten-free; but do check your tahini’s label to ensure the factory and/or seeds are not contaminated by gluten products if making for coeliacs.

Makes: 20-30 depending on size
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Canine Crunchy Biscuits

My Canine Liver Treats are the bomb. But I keep getting asked to make crunchy biscuits for dogs. I’ve done the research and practice, so you don’t have to; you can make these at home for a fraction of the cost of posh treats. Drying the vegetables is necessary, so start the night before.

Several veg & herb/spice suggestions are in the footnotes, as well as an option to add meat or fish.

Makes: 30+ treats depending on size
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Parsnip and Honey Cake

We should all be using more vegetables in baking, but most of us stop at carrot cake and don’t consider other veg. Parsnips are sweet and pair beautifully with honey & coconut (also pistachios or other nuts).

This is similar in theme to my Zucchini Bread recipe, but make this one if you want a gluten-free frosted cake.

Serves: up to 24
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Amaretti Biscuits

One day I’ll conquer macarons. But in the meantime, this GF recipe is similar in ingredients, much easier to make, and with a uniquely lovely result. The crackled exterior, showing lines of biscuit through the icing sugar, is stunning.

I’ve scaled up Sandra Heinze’s recipe (she got it from a BreadAhead course). These biscuits would make great gifts.

Makes: 34 biscuits
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