Iced Buns with Spice and Citrus

This is a British classic which was prompted by Baked To Imperfection. I’ve made her recipe gluten-free and added spices (I just can’t help myself). The usual optional alternatives for flavourings/colours are in the footnotes.

If you need fewer buns, please do reduce the ingredients proportionally (but these are 1-2 bite sized as-is).

Makes: 24-32 buns depending on size
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Lemon Drizzle Cake or Muffins

Lemon drizzle cake is a British classic. Too many gluten-free recipes don’t quite result in a light, moist, and delicious cake. This is the one you should bake – the polenta & coconut make it sturdy but it’s still light as a feather.

Alternative topping suggestions are in the footnotes.

Makes: 1 loaf cake; 12 large muffins; or 22 fairy cakes
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Alternative Char Siu Bao

I wanted to make dampfnudel as it was in GBBO week 3, but fancied something less sweet, and with a filling.

This recipe doesn’t have char siu bao’s traditional barbecued pork filling; I’ve opted instead for cheese and pickle, which worked pretty well. If you’re vegetarian, take care on the cheese/shortening you use.

Makes: 10 filled / steamed buns
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Jaffa Cake Drizzled Cupcakes

For Twitter baking buddies, I decided to combine 2 of the GBBO week 1 options: a drizzle cake, and Jaffa Cakes. Since I’ve already made a Giant Jaffa Cake, I thought I’d finally succomb to the dreaded cupcake.

The cake is adapted from my GF Lemon Drizzle Cake, and the frosting is a simple chocolate buttercream enhanced with orange.

Makes: 12 frosted cupcakes
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Fruit Muffins

I’ve made these GF buns countless times and the recipe always works. You can use any soft fresh fruit: try blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, etc. It’s fantastic with tinned peaches, mango, or mandarins too.

If you feel some icing/frosting would be even better, check out some options on my site.

Makes: 24 large muffins (but it’s easily halved if you need fewer)
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Lemon, Basil, and White Chocolate Cake

I bought loads of white chocolate on sale, then wondered what to do with it. This GF sponge with its citrussy-sweet frosting was just the ticket. Pictured is a layer cake, but cupcakes are an option (see footnote).

Lemon and basil are perfect partners, but if you’re in the mood for mint, please do use that instead – I tried that too, and it’s equally tasty.

Serves: 12 -18
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