Chickpea Curry

This is an excellent vegetarian/vegan side dish, not too spicy, and also makes a perfect accompaniment for my Sylheti Chicken Curry. If making for a main dish, add more veg as you prefer (see Footnote).

The Curry Guy (p127) is the inspiration, but of course I have my own twists, based on what I had to hand.

Serves: 4
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Cranberry Chutney

Fresh cranberries arrive in autumn, but because this recipe allows frozen, you can enjoy this side dish any time of the year, not just at Christmas.

Kudos to my 1980s-vintage Good Housekeeping Cookbook from which I’ve adapted this recipe, adding spices and darker sugar. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s the perfect way to add spiced cranberries to your holiday spread.

Serves: 8 – 10
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Plum and Apple Jam

I have a few other summer fruit jams, but for autumn/winter I like this one. It’s used in my Braised Red Cabbage recipe and will be used in a Slovakian millefeuille (link to follow). See the footnotes for other serving options.

There’s no need for pectin or jam sugar (which is just caster sugar with added pectin), if you use arrowroot powder or cornflour as a thickener.

Makes: One 500ml jar (plus a teeny bit extra)
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Sweet Potato Fries

This isn’t a recipe so much, as an idea for you to do something different with sweet potatoes. One single sweet potato can create enough GF fries to serve an entire party as nibbles.

The herbs and spices are up to you – I’ve used my fave Szechuan pepper with salt, sumac, & dried thyme – but use any seasoning you prefer (see footnote).

Makes: enough canapés for a crowd
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Apple and Fennel Salad

Green apple goes really well with lime and the aniseedy flavour of fennel. Chervil is a herb less often used, but its slight anise taste makes it the perfect herb for this salad.

This side dish is zingy and refreshing, and goes perfectly with my Oysters Three Ways recipe. It is 5 ingredients and only 7-10 minutes’ preparation.

Serves: 2 – 3 as an accompaniment
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Crispy Seaweed

I wonder how many people, like me, didn’t know that what’s billed as ‘crispy seaweed’ in E Asian restaurants, is actually fried cabbage leaves?

After making this recipe, I can attest that the flavour and texture are exactly what you expect. This is the perfect side dish to practically any main.

This recipe takes 5-7 minutes from start to finish.

Serves: 2 – 3 as an accompaniment
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